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We Can't Be Everything We Wanted to Be - Oderint Dum Metuant
let them hate, provided that they fear
We Can't Be Everything We Wanted to Be
So the beloved Death to False Hope Records, Scotty Sandwich's label that offers all of its releases as free downloads (not unlike Jeff Rosenstock's [Bomb the Music Industry!] Quote-Unquote Records) is putting out a sweet compilation. It's their third digital comp, and it's filled with awesome bands like the Bouncing Souls, Joey Cape (Lagwagon), Paul Pendley (Red City Radio), Mixtapes, Stereotyperider, and tons more. If you want to see the track list, I recommend going over to this here Punknews.org article.

Another notable thing about this release is that the artwork for the "cover" was done by yours truly. CHECK THIS OUT.

I'm super stoked for this to be released on May 11th. You should probably go download it when it happens.

Tunes: Less Than Jake - The Rest of My Life

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