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Pour out a 40 for a great band that ended way too soon - Oderint Dum Metuant — LiveJournal
let them hate, provided that they fear
Pour out a 40 for a great band that ended way too soon
Man, this fucks! I just checked MySpace, and found this message in my inbox from the other day:

Jfly -

Sadly after such a short run - Mariah is moving to England to get married by the end of the summer, so thus endeth The Shortcuts as we know it.

As one of the few awesome folks who appreciated us -- and better yet suppported us out loud! -- outside of the Twin Cities, send me your snail mail address and we'll send y'all a CD of our second (and last?) effort! Thank you for you taking notice of the Mpls scene.

Cheers and thanks! Monet and the rest of The Shortcuts

That totally blows. I really dug their self-titled CD, and was hoping they'd make a more national tour- or at least a northeast tour- happen, but alas! Totally cool that they're sending me some music, though!

If you never checked them out, do it, why don't ya? They played some exceedingly fun pop-punk.

Maybe I should take a trip out to Minneapolis... :P

Tunes: Frank Turner - Substitute

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