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You won't have Nixon to kick around anymore! - Oderint Dum Metuant — LiveJournal
let them hate, provided that they fear
You won't have Nixon to kick around anymore!
I will start off this Monday morning with a kitten. ZOMG.

After seeing an ad for it in the latest Razorcake, I picked up Side B: The Music Lover's Comic Anthology at Newbury Comics. It's pretty great! It features a several page comic by Mitch Clem (rainofbastards) depicting his interpretation of the Mr. T Experience's song "Checkers Speech," along with comics by Jim Mahfood (GRRL Scouts, "Stupid Comics," the Clerks comic books, etc.), Megan Rose Gedris (Yu+Me, Lesbian Pirates From Outer Space), and many others. I recommend checking it out.

Tony, from the Boston Jolly Pirates, hooked us up with a leak of the new Big D and the Kids Table album, Fluent in Stroll, recently. It's... different. A lot different. They had said at some point that the new album would be similar to their Shot by Lammi split full-length, but I don't know what they're talking about. Maybe it was opposite day at the time. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. Their live show is going to be interesting. They really seem to be moving away from the ska-punk sound that dominated their early (read: pre-Strictly Rude) albums. Which is a bummer, since they don't do the Westbound Train thing all that well.

Tunes: MTX - Book of Revelation

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