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Oh, and speaking of music

I wrote this review of the new album from Football, Etc., The Draft, and it recently appeared in AMP Magazine. Now I'm on their list of contributors! How about that? They even made up this fancy graphic for it.

Read the review here. And find AMP at all kinds of newsstands, or your local Barnes & Noble.

More art stuff

My friend Ian runs a small label in Ohio called Messy Life Records. They've only got a handful of releases under their belt, but they're doing well, and it's not just punk rock; they've worked with some interested electronic acts, as well as some pretty extreme powerviolence-type bands. So that's cool.

So, Messy Life is doing a free, downloadable compilation for the summer, and Ian, being a fan of my stuff, asked if I would do the cover art for him. I said sure, and quickly cranked this out. The idea was his, so that made it easy to get done before leaving for San Francisco tomorrow.
Collapse )
There are some things that should be fixed- most notably, the hatching on the bear going outside the lines- but in general I like how this came out. Ian was stoked on it, too.

I really would like to get back into color stuff. I have some ideas for pieces similar to this that I'd like to do in a different style. Time to bust out the tablet, I guess.

Anyway, the comp drops on June 21st. It should be really cool, so far confirmed bands include Mixtapes, Shinsplints, Ascetic Parade, Signals Midwest, the Haverchucks, and Blithe Field.
Messy Life Records on Facebook
Messy Life Records on BigCartel
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Hey you kids! Tonight, at Charlie's Kitchen in scenic Cambridge, MA!

The Slow Death (ex-Pretty Boy Thorson & the Fallen Angels; The Ergs!)
The Arrivals
Dan Webb & the Spiders

9pm, $5 21+

In other news, Denver pop-punk act The Gamits have come back from retirement with a new record, Parts, out soon on Suburban Home Records and Paper + Plastick. You can order the album here from Vinyl Collective/Suburban Home, or stream it over on Punknews. It's good. Really, really good.
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We Can't Be Everything We Wanted to Be

So the beloved Death to False Hope Records, Scotty Sandwich's label that offers all of its releases as free downloads (not unlike Jeff Rosenstock's [Bomb the Music Industry!] Quote-Unquote Records) is putting out a sweet compilation. It's their third digital comp, and it's filled with awesome bands like the Bouncing Souls, Joey Cape (Lagwagon), Paul Pendley (Red City Radio), Mixtapes, Stereotyperider, and tons more. If you want to see the track list, I recommend going over to this here article.

Another notable thing about this release is that the artwork for the "cover" was done by yours truly. CHECK THIS OUT. Collapse )

I'm super stoked for this to be released on May 11th. You should probably go download it when it happens.
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Was I good to you, the wife of my youth?

I can't believe I missed my 5,000th post. This will be 5,008.

In related news, I can't believe I've written that much here. And that I've had this thing since... February 2003. Over 7 years. Goddamn.
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Gary Wilson

A story of tragedy, and glory! (a visual journey)

So I won a contest on the Org Summit, and as a result, one of the members sent me a prize. I had no idea what the prize was. It came today! Collapse )

So, in the end Wonton/Justin redeemed himself, and single-handedly took care of my Christmas shopping for you all. STOKED?
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Hot damn!

That SSCP class we all took, that I was 100% sure I failed? Just got the results. I passed!

Thank god!
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